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It’s so good to say those words after the most difficult year we have experienced in our lifetime. But 2021 is here, and we are thankful we made it. For those of you who have suffered losses in 2020 my heart and my prayers go out to you. I sincerely hope that this year will be a better one for us all.

My family and I experienced some losses and struggles with illness and other things that kept me from my keyboard more than I liked, but I’m not looking back. I hope to write more and post more regularly so you can be up to date on my writing progress. I will be publishing my latest book Love, Lies, and Grace in a few months, and you will be hearing more about that soon.

I encourage you to continue reading, or writing, if you are a writer, so you can enjoy the benefits that only books can bring. I will also continue to bring you news and updates on special offers so you can add to your reading library.

Speaking of which, here’s your invitation to join this General Fiction promotion running from now through Jan. 25, 2021. In the Wilderness, book 2 of my Egypt trilogy is part of this promotion. These books are all FREE during this promotion so this is a good chance for you to stock up. You may also like to check out the other books in the series, Coming Out of Egypt and In the Promised Land not currently part of this promotion.

As I look ahead, I want to thank those of you who have been following me for whatever length of time. I hope you will continue and invite your friends to do so. You can also follow me on Facebook   Twitter   and Instagram

Authors have a way of talking to their characters, did you know that? And sometimes they talk back! So, I asked Marva and June, the two main characters of my Egypt series, what they would like to have for this Thanksgiving and over the holidays. They said they would like to be introduced to more people. I took the hint and decided to have a Cyber Monday special on the entire series so these precious girls can have their wish.

Let’s start with a top-down offer:

For a limited time, In the Promised Land, book 3 in the series, is available FREE, along with other bestselling, inspirational and clean titles when you join the promotion shown above. These novels will make a great addition to your holiday reading list, so hurry and get them while there is still time. BTW, yesterday in church, a lady who had read the first book Coming Out of Egypt, told me how much she enjoyed it, but said the only thing that disappointed her was that Marva and Jason didn’t end up together. I told her she would have to read the whole series to see what happened to them. That means reading In the Promised Land, now free as part of this inspirational, sweet and clean promotion.

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Second on the list is In the Wildernessbook 2 of the Egypt trilogy, at the discounted price of 99c.

Here’s what one reviewer said of In the wilderness:

This powerful tale takes the reader into the world of Marva and June as they struggle to overcome the effects of years of abuse by their father. Marva is plagued by guilt over the death of her father; driven to suicidal thoughts, she has to find her way back to her faith and her life. The writer knows her craft – the characters are intense and vividly drawn and the setting is authentic. – Neil Daniel

And last but not least is book 1, Coming Out of Egypt.

Readers’ Favorite gave this book a five-star rating and said this:
Coming Out Of Egypt is an emotional story that also deals with the morals of a world that is not black and white. The story flows beautifully and is truly written in a compelling way. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a well written story with fully fleshed out characters who feel very real. You will not regret a single moment of time you spend with Marva and June.

So, here you have the perfect opportunity to read this entire series at a fraction of the regular cost. When you pick up any of these titles, please leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads so that other readers can be guided in making their choices.

Happy reading and happy Cyber Monday.

My latest book, In the Promised Land, book 3 of the Egypt series is the story of Marva, who became a nun because she felt that was what God wanted her to be. I must confess that before writing this book, I had never read a nun’s story or the very popular The Nun’s Story by Kathryn Hulme, first published in 1956. However, I had attended a Convent high school and upon graduation, I desired to become a nun. Even though I was not Catholic. Really. But that’s for another post.

I also became a great fan of the perennial favorite The Sound of Music – I watch it every Christmas – and fell in love with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Little did I know I would one day write a nun’s story. But when I wrote Coming Out of Egypt, the first book in the series, Marva, the protagonist, told me she wanted to become a nun. That because of the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her father, she couldn’t be a wife to anyone, not even her handsome friend from childhood, whom she loved dearly.

I wasn’t sure I wanted her to become a nun. After all, my mother didn’t want me becoming a nun, so why should I give in to my creation’s pleas to become a woman of the cloth? But Marva has always been a strong protag, and so after suffering a horrible accident in In the Wilderness book 2, I agreed to let her have her way. She became a nun – a devoted one at that, she always gives her all to anything she does – and for a while, I felt content to letting her remain a nun. But, you remember that handsome childhood friend I mentioned earlier? Well, he never got Marva out of his system. And that’s as far as I’ll go with this. Let Marva tell you the rest. Let her explain her struggles between her love for Jesus and her love for Jason, and see what choice she makes in the end.

Get In the Promised Land on Amazon and when you do, please leave a review so that other readers can be guided in making their choices. And if you haven’t done so yet, please sign up for my newsletter and invite your friends to do so.

I just want to wish you and yours a safe, happy and satisfying Fourth of July. As you celebrate with family and friends, take a moment to reflect on what makes this country great. Courageous men and women, boundless blessings from our Creator and – books. I couldn’t help throwing that in because I love books. I can’t imagine a world without them. So today, I salute my fellow writers and readers everywhere. After you’ve swallowed that last piece of barbecue and said good-bye to your last guest, make a little time to curl up with a good book. es

Here are two suggestions: Coming Out of Egypt – Book 1 in the Egypt series – a story of a beautiful young woman trying to rise above her crime and forge a new life for herself and her sister. You will read about her teacher who believes in her, her childhood friend who loves her, and a detective who wants to arrest her. Get it here.

In the Wilderness – Book 2 – Marva has to decide. Should she kill herself to avoid going to prison and shaming her sister? Preorder now.