In her latest book, Sarah Jakes Roberts, bestselling author, speaker, wife and mother of 6 uses her influence to inspire and equip women to embrace their purpose and revolutionize their lives. She states, “When we do the work of embracing where we are, we create space for God’s love to meet us in our most raw form and then polish us to shine like never before.”

With beautifully crafted prose, Roberts shows us that power does not lie in what you have, nor in success, achievement or performance, but in honesty, humility and in who you are willing to become.

Here are some of the nuggets you will encounter as you read this book:

If you are interested in learning the principles that will help you live authentically and become your best self, I recommend you get a copy of Power Moves today. To purchase a copy, please follow this link:

To learn more please go to: and on Instagram @sarahjakesroberts

Angela is a blogger and author of Christian women’s fiction and Christian romance. Her latest release is Making Music Together.

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