As a writer you don’t expect a paycheck at the end of the week or month, unless you pursued and secured some writing assignments. Therefore, it is very unfair after you have worked diligently on those assignments you do not get paid for them, or you feel cheated by what you were paid.
Therefore, writers, beware of
1. Accepting an assignment for too little pay. This usually happens to writers who are just starting out. It happened to me. I was so anxious to get my foot in the door that I accepted a job from a bidding site and was paid next to nothing for my hard work.
2. Accepting an assignment with terms that are vague. Sometimes after you have completed the work, the client may say it is not what they wanted. You end up working twice for the same pay. Always ask for clarification if you don’t fully understand the guidelines.
3. Clients who try to get something for nothing. They give you an assignment, find fault with something minor, then refuse to pay. This also happened to me, but I stood my ground and was paid. Always have a clear contract that spells out your and the client’s obligations.
4. Scam artists. I saw this one on Writers Beware recently. The client says he has to pay by check because he doesn’t have a Paypal account. Then he sends you a bogus check for more than the amount and says it was written in error, therefore he wants you to send the surplus amount to him. Yes, you guessed it. You could end up paying him, instead of him paying you.

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