I’ve been writing about reasons to read Coming Out of Egypt, my first book in the Egypt series, and as promised last week, here’s another love scene between my protagonist, Marva, and her love interest, Jason.

She opened the door, stepped inside, and reached for the light switch. Jason closed the door behind him, and enfolded Marva in his arms. His lips came down on hers.

“I’ve been waiting all evening to do this.” He raised his head, but didn’t release her. “I love you, Moe,” and his mouth found hers again.

Robot-like, Marva returned his kisses. It felt nice being in his arms, but nothing more. Some part of her was out of reach, missing or frozen over.

Jason seemed to sense it. “What’s the matter, Moe?”

Not knowing what to say, she shook her head.

He held her a moment longer, kissed her cheek then released her. “Are you scared? I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

She shook her head again, not looking at him.

She was dead inside, as surely as her father was dead.


After Jason left, Marva threw herself on the bed, wishing she could cry, but no tears came. The moon illuminated the thin curtains, giving them an almost metallic appearance. Droplets of light decorated the sheet at random intervals. Marva touched one of the droplets, marveling at the way the light instantly bathed her finger. She moved her hand to a bigger spot, and the same thing happened.

God. He was in control of everything. He was covering her with His light. He’d saved her from doing something she would have regretted later, and for that she was grateful. So why did she feel like some type of freak? Other girls would die for a guy like Jason, while she hardly felt anything for him, at least not in that way.

You might say this is not a real love scene because it seems one-sided. Jason is passionate about Marva, while her romantic feelings are in lockdown. What a contrast to the previous post with David and Cicely! While that one showed a strong love between the couple, this one showed struggle, conflict. Marva does love Jason, as much as her jagged emotions would allow, but she’s unable to express that love on account of the abuse she suffered from her father. And now that she has become a Christian, she thinks she has no business loving a man.

This is  one of my favorite scenes in the novel, and I hope it will be one of yours too.

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