My E post in the A-Z challenge is for eyestrain, something I know a lot about. And, I daresay, other writers do too. Eyestrain is actually a repetitive injury caused by straining one or more of the eye muscles. This happens through reading, writing, computer use, driving and any other activity which requires holding the eye muscles in one position for a long period. In addition, poor lighting, glare and poor vision can lead to eyestrain.

You can correct eyestrain through surgery, or you can soothe your eyes with eye-wetting drops. I have found yoga eye exercises a good way to deal with sore, burning eyes. These exercises help to relax and strengthen the eye muscles, while relieving tension. They also help to bring much-needed blood flow to the eyes. A good practice is to take breaks from your computer during the day, find a quiet spot and perform these exercises. Your eyes will feel cool and refreshed when you return to work.

If you are interested in learning these exercises, the following video may help: