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After many years, Women For All Seasons has taken on a new garment. This devotional/workbook features the lives of twelve of the best-known women of the Bible grouped according to seasons.

As the Bible says:

There’s a time for everything,

And a season for every activity under heaven … Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Have you ever wondered how women in biblical times coped with the challenges that modern-day women face? How did they maintain their faith in God when the odds were so heavily stacked against them? Often treated as second-class citizens, females in biblical times were to be seen and not heard, existing solely to fulfill a man’s purpose of producing an heir.

A barren woman was considered good as dead. We see this in Rachel’s desperate cry to her husband Jacob, “Give me children or I die,” and in Hannah’s mournful prayers for a son. However, in Jesus’s day, women became very active in ministry and He treated them with the love and respect they deserved. Regardless of the time period in which they lived, women have always enjoyed the favor of God.

Women For All Seasons is written in easy-to-read modern-day language from the point of view of each character. You can use the book as a devotional, workbook or journal and for your Bible study. The views expressed at the end of each chapter are mine as well as those gained from bible references.

As you will see, God is not limited by seasons. If you are in the winter of your life, He works just as well as if you are in your spring. I pray that you will find this book a source of inspiration and encouragement to keep trusting and waiting on God when you don’t see the answers. I pray that it will become a valuable addition to your library and you will share it with your Bible study group and other women in your life.

Please write your comments on the new cover and any thoughts you may have on the book. God bless.

Renovating Your Mind

“He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go out no more” (Revelaion 3: 12).

The scripture verse above is the focus of the devotional reading for January 10th in Patrick Egle’s devotional Renovating Your Mind. I think it was no coincidence that as I leafed through this book before settling down to read, this devotional caught my eye.

In it, Patrick speaks about how he and his wife prayed about what the Lord would have them do with their lives, and after much prayer, he felt the Lord say to him, “Richard, you need to strengthen that which needs to remain strong.”

Patrick believed God was telling him that his marriage needed to be a pillar, firmly established in the Lord, so that when the storms of live come, his marriage would remain standing. I believe this not only pertains to Richard and his marriage, but to all of us, because storms come to us all, and if we are not firmly rooted and grounded in Christ, we will crumble.

With 365 devotions, Renovating Your Mind encourages and challenges readers to “renovate” their minds by changing their thinking from perspective to the truth of God’s word. The book is not some great theological work, but the simple journaling of a layman bent on helping others from every level and every denomination come to understand that despite the struggles we all sometimes face, we can learn to trust in God and experience the joy and freedom He so freely offers.

If you are looking for a devotional to encourage and strengthen your faith in the new year, I highly recommend this book.

To purchase you can click on this link: https://www.amazon.com/Renovating-Your-Mind-Devotions-Everyday/dp/1632695073

There is also an accompanying You Version Bible App devotional that you can access here: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/23703-renovating-your-mind

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If you love books and love wearing t-shirts then you may love to add one of these to your wardrobe.

It’s finally here. Love, Lies, and Grace, my fourth novel is now on preorder in the Amazon Kindle store. Love, Lies, and Grace is a standalone novel written in the women’s fiction genre and tells the story of three friends, Grace, Pat, and Milli who share Grace’s home in Stockbridge, Georgia.

Grace is married to Brian, a wealthy banker, who lives in New York. Despite their living arrangement, Grace feels secure in her marriage. Brian is loving and passionate when they are together and lavishes her with expensive gifts, but he has not been home in four years.

Grace is black, Pat is bi-racial, and Milli is white. Grace and Pat are Christians, while Milli “dabbles in other things.” Despite these differences and the thorny start to their relationship, the three women find themselves drawn together in ways they never could have imagined. Their late night girl talk over hot chocolate, visits to the mall or the park provide fun and laughter. But on one of these visits, Pat reveals a painful secret she had been carrying for a long time. Grace and Milli rally around her with love and support. Shortly after, Milli too discloses a secret she could no longer keep hidden. Once more, the three friends band together to help Milli through her very difficult time.

Once the crises are over, Grace goes to New York to visit her husband. She is devastated when she discovers that he too has a secret so explosive she can never share it with her friends. She draws strongly on her faith, friends and the courage that helped her through past difficulties.

Reminiscent of the Golden Girls TV series, Love, Lies, and Grace will make you laugh, cry and will reinforce these words from the Bible: “a threefold cord is never easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4: 12).

If women’s fiction is one of your favorite genres, let me encourage you to order your copy of Love, Lies, and Grace today. And after you read it, could you please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads so other readers can be guided in their buying choices?

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Are you glad the year is over? Are you looking toward the new year with hope or with dread? No matter what 2019 was like for you, let me encourage you to look to the new year with hope. It’s a new year, a new decade, a new beginning. I believe we get what we focus on. If we focus on failure, then that’s what we get, if we focus on success, then we get success. It’s called faith. Not some law of attraction, but faith in a God who loves us and wants the best for us.

I am trusting Him with my plans for 2020. He alone knows what’s best for me, therefore I’m trusting Him to guide me. As I see His plans unfolding in my life, I will share them with you. So, thanks again for your love and support throughout the year. Please continue to follow me and tell your friends about this blog so they too can receive the goodies I distribute from time to time.

Stay safe and have a bright and prosperous New Year. God bless!

I hope you enjoyed reading how my characters celebrate Christmas on the island of Trinidad. If you haven’t read the post yet, you can get it here.

Today’s post is a short one to inform you that In the Promised Land, book 3 of the Egypt trilogy goes on sale from tomorrow. This book, which I like to call a modern-day Sound of Music, will make a perfect gift for yourself or someone this Christmas.

Here’s a short description:

Marva and June are two sisters who have come out of an abusive childhood and are now on the way to achieving their dreams. Marva is a nun at a school for delinquent girls; June is a law student. All seems to be going well for them, until their adoptive father is killed in a Muslim coup. Marva, always the strong, dependable one struggles to help the family cope with this and other unexpected crises. But she finds herself weakening. When her childhood friend, who has always had a romantic interest in her, reaches out to her, Marva finds herself torn between her love for him and her commitment to God. Romance, faith and intrigue are all intertwined in this gripping novel.

If you love nun’s stories, you would want to get your copy of In the Promised Land now while it’s on sale.

You can also read In the Promised Land free on Kindle Unlimited. Whatever medium you choose, I, and other readers, would appreciate it if you would leave a review on Amazon. Thank you and Merry Christmas!