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Words In The Wind

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Words In The Wind written by my friend Yvonne Anderson. The second book in the Gateway to Gannah series was launched on Wednesday last and is now available at Amazon or from the publisher, Risen Books. Yvonne won me over to speculative fiction with her masterful portrayal of the leading characters in her first book The Story In The Stars. Words In The Wind has proven to be no less compelling and can be enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike. You can learn more about Words In The Wind from the link below.

Shooting down free speech

This week another disturbing event sent me rushing to my keyboard. This time it was not shooting in a public place, but shooting at a simple statement made by a private citizen. By now you have guessed. I’m referring to the Chick-fil-A debacle. And since I’ve already sounded off on this on my other blog, I’ll just post the link to it here: http://quildonwrites.blogspot.com/2012/08/stay-up-chick-fil-a.html

And talking about free speech

Gabby Douglas delighted the world with her stellar performance to win the all around Olympic gold medal in women’s gymnastics. This is a great achievement for an African American. But instead of celebrating her victory, some African Americans saw this as an opportunity to exercise their freedom of speech by making negative comments about Gabby’s hair! Well for what it’s worth, I think it’s refreshing to see an African American young woman wear her hair the way Gabby does hers.

How well do you know the Olympics?

What are the colors of the rings on the Olympic flag?

What do they signify?

Where was the Olympic flag first used? In what year?

What is a kotinos?

In what year were women first allowed to compete in the Olympic Games?

Come back next week for the answers or leave a comment below.

One of the tips I picked up from veterans in book launching is that you should pay attention to the props you use for your book signing. Some authors print their book cover on their T shirt, or on tote books which they give to attendees who buy books. A tablecloth with your book cover and title printed in front is also a good idea. And don’t forget the poster. A professional-looking headshot of you on a large-sized poster makes a good impression. I haven’t done this yet, but it will be a good idea to have one of these made up and mounted on a cardboard frame so you can take it around with you to various events.

Another helpful tip is to have a loaded camera on hand so if anyone is interested you can take a photo with them. See some of my photos here.


Note my headdress in the pictures above. I tried to wear something to convey a semblance to a Jewish woman – the head scarf and ankle-length skirt, but that’s where it ended. You may not be able to make it out in the photos, but there’s my book cover printed on to my T shirt. A meeting of East and West, you might say. I wasn’t sure how my audience would respond to it, but everyone said they liked my outfit and understood what I was trying to portray.  However, for my next book signing event I would make a better attempt at authencity.

Remember, you can still purchase Women For All Seasons at Amazon.com or Barnes & Nobel.com and in ebook form at Smashwords.com. As always, your comments are welcome.

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