M is for money matters is my A – Z blog post for today. This is going to be a short one even though it’s a very important topic, maybe the most important, depending on your values. You have heard it said that writers are a starving bunch of people. You may even know one who is. (Don’t look in the mirror!) But there are many writers who make decent money, and are justifiably proud. Of course, if you write books and can catch an editor’s eye, you may get an advance and make some money from royalties. But these days it may be easier to catch a bird falling from the sky than an editor’s or agent’s eye. So what can you do to bring in some much-desired moola?

According to the experts, writers can make money through:
1. Affiliate marketing – There are many companies that would pay you a commission to promote their products on your blog. Google advertises many of these companies.
2. Blogging – Place ads on your blog through Adsense.
3. Ebook sales – You can write your own ebook and distribute it on your site. Or, you can invite other bloggers to sell your ebook on their site and pay them a commission.
4. Job boards – You can visit the job boards for assignments that fit your expertise.
5. Small business – Contact small businesses in your area who may be looking for someone to handle their correspondence which they are not equipped to handle.
6. Speaking assignments – Are you an expert on a particular subject? You may be able to make some good money through speaking engagements.

So, there you have it. Now, which of those can I implement right away? Drop me a line and let me know how you make money as a writer, then when you are done, check out some more bloggers in the A – Z blog challenge.

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