I wanted to write on King or Kindle or some other K- icon, but I thought I would just settle for some good old-fashioned virtue like kindness. It costs absolutely nothing to give or receive and can pay huge dividends in terms of personal satisfaction to the giver as well as the receiver. But why am I writing about kindness on a writing blog? Because even some of us writers slip up in this area every now and again. Or, could it be that we are unaware that we’re being unkind? What are some ways that we as writers can show kindness?

1. Online. In these days when everyone is either facing, tweeting or linking in an attempt to be noticed, I come across a lot of nasty and unkind language on these forums. It shouldn’t take too much creativity to express one’s opinion without cussing someone out.

2. In Reviews. If you are trying to brand yourself as a book reviewer, you need to be honest with your review. No one expects you to say a book is fabulous when it isn’t. However, you can provide constructive criticism of the book without being nasty, or without setting out to make the author look bad. No matter how bad a book might be (in your opinion) you can find something good to say about it, while pointing out what you might consider its flaws.

3. In critique groups. I have the pleasure and honor of belonging to the most wonderful critique group on this earth. That doesn’t mean they always like or agree with everything I write, but they are tactful and honest in their criticism.

4. In your own work. Do you plagiarize other people’s work? That’s a fancy term for stealing, and it’s unkind to take something that someone has labored over and try to pass it off as your own. As writers, we all do research to find content for our articles, blogs etc., but if this content is not generalized knowledge, then by all means, give credit to the site or writer. Some blog owners will allow you to reproduce their posts without changing any of it as long as you cite them as the original creator of the work.

Whether you are an aspiring or established writer, there are people who look up to you to set and maintain a certain standard. Do not disappoint them. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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