Spark your creativity

A comment on my blog post How To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing said one way is to read a book that is so poorly written, you throw it aside and say, “I can write better than that.” I’d never thought of that one before, but when you really consider it, it makes sense. Read something that is badly written, then sit down and craft your own masterpiece.

Books published in serial form

And another comment from one of my friends on my post, Should You Blog Your Book. She reminded me that some famous writers, including Charles Dickens, first published their books in serial form, which is not the same as blogging, but it’s published in segments. So, I decided to look up books first published in serial form, and it turned out there are tons of them. Among the classics are Great Expectations (Charles Dickens), Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hudson Burnett), The Adventures of Pinocchio (Carlo Collodi), David Copperfield (Charles Dickens), Far From The Madding Crowd (Thomas Hardy) and The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas), just to name a few.

Audiobook week

Just last week I told a friend I need to get some audiobooks to listen to on my way to work, because I find I don’t have enough time to read. Lo and behold, next week June 25 – June 29 happens to be audiobook week. I came across Devourer of Books, a blogsite that will be having a series of posts on audiobooks and will be giving some away next week. If you are interested, here’s the link:

Raining ducks

And now for a little bit of quirk. Did you know that ducks lay their eggs in trees? A female motorist in London said she was driving when she saw four newly-born birds fall like rain out of a tree. She assisted another woman reunite the babies with their mom who was waiting in a nearby pond. Nature expert, Tony Drakeford, said that ducks lay their eggs in trees and when they hatch, the ducklings fall to the ground. He explained the reason they are able to survive very high falls is because of their light skeletons and feathers. There are lots of ducks where I live, so from now on I’m going to be looking up whenever I walk under a tree!

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