Some time ago, a woman from Canada told me she was unable to purchase my newest release Love, Lies, and Grace from Amazon. Surprised, I contacted Amazon to try and sort things out. I don’t recall exactly what Amazon said, but their response didn’t quite satisfy me. Since then I began toying with the idea of “going wide” as authors call it, meaning having my books in places other than Amazon.

Book 1 of the Egypt series

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Amazon. In fact, although I did move Coming Out of Egypt, the first book in the Egypt series, over to Draft2Digital, I have yet to get sales from that source and am keeping a close eye on it before I move other books to D2D. I have since learned that it takes a while, like anything else, to build a presence on D2D, so I’m hanging on to see what will happen.

Meanwhile, if you are an international reader, like the lady from Canada, you can access Coming Out of Egypt on Kobo.

For Nook readers, you can find me on Barnes and Noble.

If you are using an Apple device, you may want to access Coming Out of Egypt here.

If you are always on the go and require offline access, you can download the Scribd app and read to your heart’s content. You get instant access to ebooks, audiobooks and even music, but it comes with a monthly subscription.

Of course, if you are an American reader and prefer to shop on Amazon, here’s the link.

Not sure which link is right for you? Simply try Books2Read and you will see all the retailers where the book is available. If you enjoy reading paperback you would be pleased to know that Coming Out of Egypt is now available in the library, but only here in Florida in the county where I live. However, you can request it through your local library and they will make it available to you.

Want to know more about my other books? Just click on this link:

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