An online Networking group is where you are joined with success-minded people as well as coaches who provide resources and directly answer your questions.

In a good Networking group, you’ll find people who take their business seriously. Think about it. If the other members are willing to invest money to be there, you know they want to learn. Their business is not treated as a hobby. The members are dedicated to their businesses and work hard to achieve success.

How can an online Networking group benefit you? As you may know, in sports, having a good coach will increase your chances of success. Also, the players on your team can make or break your game. If you play on a team with players who are mediocre, your game will remain mediocre. If you join a team with better players who take the game seriously and you add a a great coach, your game will improve as well — significantly.

How do you choose a quality networking group? There are several key factors to deciding if a networking group is worth your time and effort. I’ll use Shelancers as an example, as I feel it offers a great deal to any Service Provider.

1. The leaders
Do they know what they’re talking about? What are their qualifications? A good group will be led by experts in their field, by leaders who have experience in the topic and know how to share that information in a clear, concise manner. They are not afraid to share their success and are confident in themselves to be able to lead others to succeed as well.

2. The Resources
Most Networking groups offer resources that are only available to their members. These may be interviews with experts, ebooks, audio and video teleseminars, and software. Take a good look at the resources available. Oftentimes the resources alone are worth many times the price of the membership.

Shelancers offers step-by-step resources that are focused on their members’ needs, not just general marketing material.

3. The Forum
A good Networking group will include a forum where you can brainstorm and build relationships with other members. This is where you’ll get specific and applied help. The coaches or leaders should also have a very visible presence on the board, personally answering questions and giving guidance.

4. Additional bonuses
If the group offers additional bonuses, it’s worth checking out. For instance, Shelancers includes free advertising in the members’ directory.

5. Affordable Price.
You’re on a budget. (Aren’t we all?) So, spend your money wisely and find a group that is affordable.

Where do you go from here? It’s simple. Enroll and decide for yourself whether a membership in the group will boost your business. It’s the best way to find out what goes on behind closed doors.

So, yes, there are great free forums online and valuable free resources. But, if you want to improve your game, then find the best coaches and jump into the game with a team who can take you to to the top.

Check out Shelancers today.