As a proofreader there are some skills you will need to possess to do this type of work. An obvious skill you will need to have is the ability to spot grammatical errors, in other words you’ll need to have excellent grammar.

Aside from grammar skills you will also need good organizational skills so that you can keep all your projects organized. You’ll also need to keep paperwork, receipts, etc organized.

You need to be a self starter and someone who is highly motivated. When working at home it’s easy to let other things get in the way of sitting down and working. You’ll need to be motivated enough to get your projects started and completed in a timely fashion.

Typing, research, and internet skills are other areas you should be knowledgeable in. A couple other areas that are important to have skills in are word processing, communication and the ability to follow directions.

There are many skills needed in order to run your own proofreading business but these are the basic ones and once you have these you will be ready to open the doors to your business.

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