The written word is a big business. Just walk into your local bookstore and browse the latest selections, and it’s easy to see that there are new books being written all the time. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to the vast selection of fiction and non-fiction titles that hit the market every week, there’s the Internet. New web pages, and even entire new sites, are cropping up every day. Then there are newspapers and magazines. And let’s not forget all of the technical manuals and product instructions that are needed to accompany software, electronics, and even that new piece of furniture.

All of that adds up to a lot of written words, which have to be written by somebody. And smart writers know that they need someone else to look over their work. Fresh eyes can catch mistakes, misspellings, and typos more readily than the eyes of the person who wrote them.

Sure, most word processors come packaged with spelling and grammar checking programs. But those are limited in their capabilities. There are many words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings, and spell checkers usually do not pick up on the improper usage of those words. And grammar checkers, while worth using to catch obvious mistakes, are also not completely reliable.

Have you ever read a website or instruction manual that was riddled with mistakes? It doesn’t make a very good first impression, does it? In the case of the instruction manual, you may find yourself wondering if you purchased the best product. A poorly written website often leaves visitors with a bad taste in their mouth, and it could even cause them not to return.

These problems could easily be prevented by having the writing proofread by someone with a good eye for spelling and grammar. Those who do not recognize the need for quality writing are often informed through customer feedback and lack of sales. Still, even those who are keenly aware of the value of proper spelling and grammar sometimes don’t know where to find a good proofreader.

The need for proofreading and editing opens a door for those with an excellent grasp on the English language. Proofreading and editing jobs can be found online and locally. Simply getting the word out about your services and demonstrating the ability to produce results could be all it takes to start getting clients. And those clients will often recommend a good editor to their colleagues, providing even more opportunities.

There is abundant demand for proofreaders and editors, and that demand provides an excellent opportunity for work at home moms. Starting your own proofreading business could provide you with a steady income for years to come.

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