A lot of home businesses owners focus on face-to-face selling, which can be very effective, but extremely time consuming. For the same time you spend giving someone a 20-minute spiel about your products, you could spend that time writing up some highly-effective promotional materials that can be used over and over again to sell your product to countless people. Instead of selling to one person at a time, you can sell to plenty with the same amount of work. That’s what copywriting can do for you.

If you’re not familiar with the term copywriting, it refers to the words you use to create your various sales messages and promotional tools. Copywriting can be used on everything from your business cards to flyers to brochures to websites.

The problem is, many home business owners don’t understand the power copywriting can have in generating more sales for their businesses. They throw together a business card or website and then wonder why nobody follows up with them.

Effective copywriting urges your potential customers to take action on your sales messages. If you use well-crafted copy in your business, you’re likely going to be ahead of much of your competition.

I encourage you to put yourself ahead of your competition, by picking up your Mom’s Talk Biz Guide to Copywriting.