The small business sector is on fire. There are thousands of new businesses springing up every day and the ease and affordability of Internet access has made much of the growth in entrepreneurship today possible. This is wonderful news for freelancers and here’s why.

As business continues to heat up for online companies, managers are feeling the pressure to have quick access to reliable specialists who can

  • Update the design of a website
  • Write content for web pages, article marketing campaigns and brochures
  • Proofread ebooks, manuscripts and promotional copy
  • Provide customer service for web based or telephone help centers and
  • Manage administrative and accounting tasks with ease and professionalism.

Many small businesses can not afford to hire employees. They may not have the office space or have enough work for a full time person. This makes temporary help so attractive.

The challenge today for a business owner is knowing where to turn to for this temporary or “as needed” assistance. A temporary employment agency can be costly and putting an advertisement in the newspaper can be time consuming and costly without necessarily providing the person that is really needed.

As a freelancer you know this already, but now there’s a freelancer’s directory that is helping to make that message loud and clear for you-the highly skilled female freelancer.

Shelancers is an online directory of professional female freelancers including graphic designers, bookkeepers, copywriters, virtual assistants, marketing specialists, website designers and many other professionals. This is a directory on a mission to help female freelancers push their businesses to the next level of success. Promotion and education go hand in hand at Shelancers.

Business owners who choose Shelancers are selecting a directory that features freelancers who are benefiting from the professional information and resources created specifically for Shelancers’ members. Resources include monthly reports, audio recordings and an active online discussion board where members can pose questions and discuss best practices in their fields.

The Shelancers directory also offers users easy online navigation tailored specifically for the needs of business owners/hiring managers. Service providers are listed according to service categories (e.g., accounting, web design, copywriting, virtual assistants, marketing, etc.). Each listing provides freelancer contact information and available client feedback to help hiring managers/owners to readily secure references, quotes and samples of relevant work.

If you’re a freelancer looking for a directory with the right services and support to position you for long term success it’s time for you to visit Shelancers.