Today is Boxing Day, a holiday that was started by the Brits in the 1800s as a way to give servants the day off and a boxed present so they could go home and give Christmas boxes to their families. That’s one explanation. You can read more about it here

Another explanation I heard for the name Boxing Day is that it was a day to collect all the boxes that were left from Christmas presents and Christmas shopping. So, as you can see, the holiday has nothing to do with the sport boxing.

Here in the US, Boxing Day is not a public holiday, although a few states observe it as such. But throughout the country, federal institutions are closed, as well as schools, since the day falls during the Christmas vacation. All of this contributes to a slightly more relaxed atmosphere on Boxing Day. I say “slightly” because in recent years, this day has been declared the official day to return unwanted gifts to the stores and to hunt for bargains among the many clearance items.

Since I was born in Trinidad, a former British colony, I am very familiar with Boxing Day. It was a day when we ate the leftovers from Christmas, visited friends and neighbors and even went to the beach. Boxing Day was another excuse for fun-loving Trinidadians to have more fun. Today, you are not going to find me anywhere near a mall or a beach. After my leftover lunch, I’m relaxing with my computer and later, a good book.

But before I go, let me tell you who is having fun today. Marva, my protagonist from Coming Out of Egypt, celebrates her birthday on Boxing Day, turning eighteen in this book. Join her and her friends and family in celebrating this milestone by picking up a copy of Coming Out of Egypt. here Get it now while it’s still available for just .99c.

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