Standing in front of Lake Mendenhall, Juneau

I just returned from a cruise to the amazing frontierland of Alaska. It was all I’d ever dreamed of – breathtaking sceneries, quaint cities (I’ll tell you all about Ketchikan, the “staircase” city) and charming culture. We embarked in Seattle, a city  which in itself deserves special mention. For one thing, we were greeted by a temperature of around 70 degrees when we got off the plane around 8.30 p.m. It was a foretaste of  what was to come in Alaska. Temperatures never got below 57 degrees, and rain, well we hardly saw any of it.

If you love nature, wildlife, water sports, or learning about exciting cultures (as I do) Alaska offers all that and more. From whale watching, bird watching, salmon fishing, skiing, mountain climbing, kayaking, you can experience it all in Alaska. I must confess that while I love the outdoors, water sports are not my passion. I can gaze at the wonder and majesty of  a natural forest or a glacier park, marvel at the grace of a bald eagle  winging  its way across the ocean, be awestruck at the radiance of the setting sun, but I tend to shy away from the water. Therefore the pictures you will see were taken either on terra firma or on the ship.


Sunset on the water


Glacial ice


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