As I promised some time ago, I’m going to give you a sneak preview of my soon-to-be-published novel Coming OutAngelaJosephCOE. Of Egypt. This novel has had a gestation period of several years, beginning with a different protagonist and with a much more complicated plot.  Then, at a writer’s conference, an editor critiqued it and well, sort of tore it apart. Not that she didn’t like it. She did, but thought it was too much for one book and suggested I make two books out of it, with the female adult character as the protagonist of the first book. Then my critique group who had read both books felt that the original version was better, so back I went to the keyboard.

Coming Out Of Egypt, written in the Christian women’s fiction genre, is the first in a series of three books. It is a tale which, I believe, will tug at the heart of every woman, and the men who love them. At the risk of writing my own review, I will say that the story is warm, compelling and, though set in the eighties, evergreen.

You might be wondering what makes Coming Out Of Egypt stand out from other books. In this first post, I give you a brief overview and a glimpse at the main characters.

Overview –  Coming Out Of Egypt deals with a subject that most people tend to sweep under the rug – sexual abuse. However, this is not dealt with directly in the book. I have tried to show the effects, physical as well as psychological, that this horrible experience has on the lives of the victims. No matter how hard they struggle to hide and overcome the effects of the abuse, it follows them nevertheless.

The characters are lifelike and likeable. Marva, the protagonist, is taciturn, strict with few friends, desperately longing for love and fiercely protective of her younger sister. Works as an automotive technician.

June. Marva’s younger sister, junior high school student, beautiful, outgoing, loves her sister but tries to wriggle out of  her control.

Cicely, Marva’s former teacher, is a Christian whose goal is to mentor two teenage sisters, lives with her ailing father.

David, Cicely’s fiance, a detective trying to solve a murder without clues – no eyewitnesses and no weapon. All he has to go on is motive, and it is one that makes him very uncomfortable.


Coming Out Of Egypt, a tale of two sisters, their roller coaster journey out of bondage and a God who delivers.  Pre-orders will soon be available.


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