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Well, what do you know? 2012 is almost here. I hope you are looking forward to a bright and prosperous New Year, in every sense of the word, which, for us writers, means accomplishing some of the things we were not able to accomplish in 2011. I still haven’t fully recovered from the Christmas rush, but I thought I would take some time to focus on what I hope to achieve in the New Year.

Before the year is out, I vow to clean up my inbox. A messy inbox slows you down and confuses you. Then I’m going to sit down and write my goals for the New Year. Heck, I’m here, aren’t I, so why not do it now? That’s goal #1 right there. No more procrastinating! Okay, here goes:

Market Women For All Seasons : Visit bookstores, contact book clubs, women’s groups, radio stations and newspapers.

Finish writing Coming Out of Egypt: This is my romance novel that I’m revising and since it’s a revision, I’m setting a deadline date of April 30, 2012. Submit to publishing houses.

Finish In The Promised Land, sequel to Coming Out of Egypt and submit by Dec. 2012.

Query health-related and women’s magazines at least once a month.

Post to freelance writing blog 3x week; to Christian blog 1x week.

Begin affiliate marketing in earnest

Write and market a health-related ebook (if time permits).

So, what about you? Have you made any goals yet for 2012? If you haven’t, you can still do so after the ball drops or after you get back from watch night service or that party. But don’t put it off too long. The sooner you get your goals down, the sooner you can start working on them and the sooner your success will come. Let me know what your goals are. Happy New Year!!!

When I wrote a blog entry a couple months ago about writing contests, I’d given little thought to winning an award. As it turned out, I won an honorable mention in the Writer’s Digest 80th annual competition for my story For God So Loved. I knew I’d poured my heart and soul into that story, but with a magazine like Writer’s Digest that receives thousands of entries, chances of winning anything are very slim. So, this award has brought me some satisfaction as well as encouragement. It showed me that as a writer I can achieve anything if I work at it hard enough. (more…)