Group pic with me on the far left.

As any writer will tell you, writing can be a lonely business. Most of your days are spent typing away on your keyboard, researching material, editing or talking to clients. Of course, you have your family and the cashier at your neighborhood supermarket-and they are important-but if you are not careful, you will soon lose your social skills and become a hermit altogether. That is why when I received an invitation to a networking event for women business owners, I decided to come out of my shell and see what it was all about.


I was not disappointed. Although it was not a writers’ event, I did meet another blogger with whom I was able to exchange ideas and information. The other ladies came from diverse backgrounds, but were equally pleasant, upbeat and encouraging.

Organizers Jacqueline and Liana

The organizers, Jacqueline Jimenez and Dr. Liana C. Saenz motivated and inspired us to see ourselves as entrepreneurs and to not be afraid to branch out of our circles-my interpretation, our comfort zones.

That’s me

I was used to attending writers’ conferences- those are great if you only write books– but if you are a freelance writer like myself, business meetings like this one can open you up to a whole lot of possibilities. You can grow your list of contacts, learn about new opportunities and even gain new clients.

Networking opportunities abound, but be careful to select the right ones if you do decide to network. I returned from the meeting feeling uplifted, refreshed and eager to attend more of the same, with these organizers and others.