I can’t believe it’s almost a month since I wrote my last post, but 2014 has opened as hectic as last year was. It seems like there are more people everywhere, more traffic on the roads, and less time to do everything. Or maybe I’m just getting older. I know that last one is definitely true. So, this is a reminder to myself, as much as to you, to slow down and speed up. Huh?

Sounds like a paradox, but what I’m trying to say is  if you want to accomplish your writing goals in 2014, you may have to slow down on the things that don’t really matter and speed up on the things that do.  What are the things that slow you down and clog your day? Is it phone chats, texting, web surfing, social media? Take a look at your day and see what you can chuck in order to have a more productive life. When you have found them, throw them out or cut down the time and spent on them.

Then you would want to increase:

a. Writing time

b. Researching time

c. Marketing time

Try it this week and see if this doesn’t improve your productivity. Do you have any other thoughts on the subject? Leave me a comment below.


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