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Without a doubt, your headline is the most important part of your sales message. Many copywriters spend hours… days… weeks writing headline after headline, trying to come up with the one magic gem that’ll boost response to incredible levels.

Entire libraries can be filled with tips, tips, and techniques that’ll help you write stronger headlines. However I can provide you a brief overview of this complex subject.

As you begin writing, frame your mind around “benefits.” Benefits should be first and foremost in your mind whenever you write any sales message. (more…)

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As promised last week, I’m bringing you an account of my experience at my first ever book fair. A few years ago, I’d read an email from someone in a group I belonged to that book fairs were not all they were touted to be, and that authors, particularly self-published authors, would be better off targeting book clubs as a way to market their books. Fast forward to a few months ago, where one of my favorite bloggers wrote that exhibiting at book fairs could be pricey, but depending on the show, it could be a worthwhile venture. (more…)

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I’ve been focusing on the marketing efforts for my book Women For All Seasons. However, I must confess that one of the big mistakes I, and I daresay other authors, have made is waiting until the book is published to begin promotion. Actually, as you will see in this article by marketing expert, Penny Sansevieri, you should be thinking about the market for your book before you even write the book. This makes sense, because if you spend months or years crafting what you think might be the perfect book and there is no viable market for it, then all your promotion will be in vain.

When it comes to publishing, there is a certain recipe for success. And while nothing is guaranteed, there are significant activities which must happen in order for your book to have a chance at success. I often speak of promotion, websites, and gathering a social media footprint. Today we’re taking a look at the equally important back-end issues. Now, I can’t guarantee if you follow this that you’ll come out leading the charge with the most perfect book, but you’ll certainly be close. Writers never intentionally write a bad book, or a book that’s not marketable. We do our best, and we often hope for the best. But in a world full of clutter, you have to do more than that. You have to step out to succeed, and you have to learn the ropes of your market and the publishing industry. Here are 11 points for you to consider: (more…)

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It’s a joy to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year! If you are a writer, you are probably looking forward to the New Year so you can achieve some of  the goals that eluded you this year.  Or, maybe you would like to correct  a few mistakes here and there. In addition, you may be reflecting on all that took place over the past months.  Whatever your situation, I wish you much success in the new year. (more…)

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The book marketing journey continues. It may lead me along winding lanes, dark alleyways, sudden stretches of sunlit roads and then maybe  a speed bump or two. If that happens, I’ll simply slow down, then pick up speed and continue on my journey, the wind in my hair and a song in my heart. I’m saying all of that to say this: the book marketing journey can be unpredictable for an unknown author. It can be daunting to say the least, not a venture for the timid or the overly cautious. There are many avenues to explore, one of which is book signing events. (more…)