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Photo credit: taliesin from morguefile.com

As promised last week, I’m bringing you an account of my experience at my first ever book fair. A few years ago, I’d read an email from someone in a group I belonged to that book fairs were not all they were touted to be, and that authors, particularly self-published authors, would be better off targeting book clubs as a way to market their books. Fast forward to a few months ago, where one of my favorite bloggers wrote that exhibiting at book fairs could be pricey, but depending on the show, it could be a worthwhile venture. (more…)

I’m off to the NBBF in Houston, TX this weekend. If you are in that area please drop by the Women For All Seasons booth and say hi. Of course, you can also pick up a signed copy of the book. This is my first book fair and I’m not really nervous. Just packing and unpacking and going over everything a hundred times. When I return I’ll have a real blog post. See you at the fair.