Have you or someone you know ever experienced adversity? Sounds like a rhetorical question, doesn’t it? Everyone experiences adversity at some point, but when this happens, do you struggle with the thought that it may either be due to your fault or maybe God is not that good after all? Maybe He cares about others but not you? If these and similar questions have entered your mind then you need to get Overcoming Adversity, an online Bible Study by All for Jesus Ministry.

All for Jesus is a not-for-profit retreat ministry started by Rich and Linda Case. They are a married couple, believers in Christ and regularly attending church, but felt that something was not quite right in their spiritual walk. The truths and promises of Scripture did not seem attainable in their personal life. “Was salvation just a “ticket to Heaven” as most of the Christian church teaches and that the abundant life was for when we get to Heaven?”

Overcoming adversity takes us through the Word to help us see that God is absolutely good. Experiencing adversity is a normal part of life in this fallen world. According to All For Jesus, some of the difficult times come from God, but most of it does not. The good news is that there are remedies for all of them and we need to learn how we can overcome them and live the life God intends us to have.

The curriculum of Overcoming Adversity is divided into eight modules, each having two parts. Module 1 deals with a planned life and the effects of the fall. From there it goes on to talk about types and causes of adversity, which type are we facing, how to take authority over the adversity and how to overcome persecution—the attack of Satan.

This study is normally $30 but you can get it for FREE with this promotion! Here is the link for All for Jesus so you can learn more about them.  https://afjministry.com/

If you have ever experienced adversity, as we all have, you do need to sign up for this course. Click on this link:  Overcoming Adversity 

I have already begun to study the material and am finding it very enlightening. I hope you do too.