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As promised last week, I’m bringing you an account of my experience at my first ever book fair. A few years ago, I’d read an email from someone in a group I belonged to that book fairs were not all they were touted to be, and that authors, particularly self-published authors, would be better off targeting book clubs as a way to market their books. Fast forward to a few months ago, where one of my favorite bloggers wrote that exhibiting at book fairs could be pricey, but depending on the show, it could be a worthwhile venture. (more…)

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As a new author, I view my book marketing efforts with a whole lot of anticipation mixed with a small amount of trepidation. I know that in order to get my name  known in authorland, I have to showcase myself and my work. If I don’t do it, no one else will. And so in the past month I embarked on two book signing events at two different libraries for my book Women For All Seasons. My first one was a successful failure. And I do mean that. Apart from my son and my grand-children, only one person showed up and that was a friend I’d invited. (more…)

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